When I was a kid I remember some of the happiest days being around the first of the month when my family was able to buy a fridge full of food.

    I remember running to the fridge during those times, opening it up and seeing my eyes widen from the possibilities. It was a small yet important aspect of my life.


    When we had a fridge full of food, I'd love having friends over because I could offer them something. I felt proud during those moments. I was happy.


    There were times when we didn't have a fridge full of food. And I remember that painful feeling.

    The goal of the Fridge Full of Food Project is simple. We will provide a fridge full of healthy and delicious food for a family in need. To give them a happy experience during this season allowing them the opportunity to the joys brought by having of a full fridge of food, to have guests over and feel proud. A chance to have a little extra than maybe they are used to, while also educating them on the healthy eating so they can provide a better quality of life for themselves and their family. This project is about giving and educating.


    Our goal is to help raise funds so that we can provide as many families as possible in the Syracuse, NY area with a delicious and stacked to the brim fridge full of food.


    Our first round of food distribution will be in December 2013.


    Be Awesome!

    ~Arel Moodie

    Media Partner

    George Kilpatrick's New Inspiration For the Nation on Power 620am

    Syracuse, NY


    George Kilpatrick is the host of New Inspiration for the Nation and is our official media partner. George will be helping spread the word in the Syracuse community about our initiative. 


    Non-Profit Partner

    Near Westside Initiative

    Syracuse, NY


    The Near Westside Initiative is an innovative non-proft that focuses on a specific area of the west side of Syracuse that is need of revatilization. They will help identify families most deserving of a fridge full of food.



    Yolanda Febles


    Yolanda Febles is a Holistic Health Coach and Certified Group Fitness Instructor specializing in Zumba Fitness.


    Yolanda graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition which was affiliated with Columbia University.


    Yolanda will supervise the health consciousness of the food items selected for the fridge full of food to ensure the recipients receive delicious AND nutritious (or as Yolanda calls it nutrilicious) food. She will also oversee the education component of the project.


    Yolanda is a blogger and writer on the subject of healthy lifestyle choices.

    Arel Moodie


    Arel Moodie is the founder of The College Success Program and The Art of Likability.

    He is a best-selling author, professional speaker, podcaster and high five aficionado.

    His work has been featured in such media outlets at The New York Times, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, HuffingtonPost and many more.

    When he's not traveling and speaking he can be found wrestling with his two sons  and hanging out with his beautiful wife Yolanda...Yup, that Yolanda :)  


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